First Three Years of Delinquency

Property taxes may be paid in three installments, on November 16, February 16, and May 16, 2016.  Any real property tax amount remaining unpaid on May 17th is delinquent.

For example, property taxes can be paid in full by November 16th or in three installments:  November 16th, February 16th and May 16th. Any taxes remaining unpaid as of May 17th are delinquent.

  • May 15th of the following year taxes are one year delinquent;
  • May 15th the next year taxes are two years delinquent;
  • May 15th of the year after, taxes are three years delinquent.

The property would be subject to foreclosure when the taxes are three years delinquent.

You will receive notices to tell you about the foreclosure process.

  1. The tax statement you get each year shows delinquent taxes, and the current year's tax.  Also on the statement is the delinquent year which causes the property to be subject to foreclosure.
  2. If the tax on your property is unpaid after May 15th of any year, you will get a delinquency notice telling you the date after which foreclosure proceedings will begin.

Note:  If the 15th falls on a weekend, the County will receive payments the next business day.