A yellow statement...

...means our records indicate a mortgage company or the Oregon Department of Revenue/Senior or Disabled Citizen Deferral program has requested a copy of the tax bill.  If you have any questions regarding who is paying your property tax, contact your lender.  REMEMBERproperty owners are ultimately responsible for paying the taxes.  If you have recently paid off your loan, changed mortgage companies or canceled your tax reserves, use this statement to pay your property tax.

A green statement...

...means that the property owner pays the tax.

Timely Payments

Payments must be POSTMARKED on or before November 16, 2015.  By Oregon law, payments postmarked after November 16th do not receive discounts.  Interest will accrue on the past due portion.  Please return the lower portion of your tax bill(s) with payment in the enclosed envelope.

You may send payments directly to:

Washington County
Property Tax Payment Center
PO Box 3587
Portland, Oregon 97208-3587


Washington County
Assessment & Taxation
155 N. First Avenue, Suite 130
Hillsboro, OR 97124 - 3072


Delinquent Taxes

If there is an unpaid balance on a prior tax year the payment options listed on the front of the statement will include that amount as well as the current tax payment due.  The total amount listed in the payment options must be paid in order to take advantage of any applicable discounts.  If you want to pay only the delinquent portion of your bill, contact our office for the correct amount to pay.  Accounts that are subject to foreclosure will be indicated with an asterisk (*) next to the total listed.  For more information, call (503) 846-8801.

Change of Address

If you have moved, please notify us in writing at 155 N. First Ave., Room 130, Hillsboro, OR 97124 - 3072.  By law, it is the property owner's responsibility to inform us of any address changes.  Late or misdelivered payments lose the discounts and accrue interest.