Boards and Commissions Application Form

Thank you for your interest in serving on a Washington County appointed board, committee or commission. Please take a moment to provide the information below.

NOTE: By submitting this form, you are affirming that all the information is true to the best of your knowledge and that you understand that any misstatement of fact or misrepresentation of credential may result in this application being disqualified from further consideration or, subsequent to my appointment to a board/committee/commission, may result in dismissal. Information you provide on this application may become part of the public record.

Date:  04/25/2017

1. Please list in order of preference the boards, committees and commissions on which you would like to serve. (You are not required to complete all five preference fields.)

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To ensure your application is considered, be sure to:

1)     Fill out this application completely and submit by the application deadline

2)     E-mail, mail or fax your resume to the County Administrative Office (optional)

County Administrative Office
155 North First Avenue, Suite 300          
Hillsboro, Oregon  97124
Phone: (503) 846-8685          
Fax: (503) 846-4545 

The application process for positions on certain boards and committees may require an interview or other screening process. Applicants to the Aging & Veterans' Services Advisory Council are asked to complete a Supplementary Application.  For a supplemental application, additional information, or help with this application please call (503) 846-3081.  

As an appointed member of a Washington County board or commission, please be aware that you are considered a public official and subject to Oregon Ethics law limitations on acceptance of gifts, food/drink, travel, and entertainment worth more than $50 per calendar year from any source with an administrative or policy interest in your board or commission. If you are appointed to the Planning Commission, you will also be required to complete an annual form with the Oregon Ethics Commission during your term of service. Please refer to the Oregon Ethics Commission website for more information about ethics requirements for public officials: