CCI Membership

CCI Steering Committee

Kathy Stallkamp
Co-Chair and CPO 4K Representative

Jim Long 
Co-Chair and CPO 4M Representative

Stan Houseman
Sectretary and CPO 3 Representative

Paul Johnson
Member at Large and CPO 15 Representative

David Shettles
Member at Large and CPO 7 Representative
Fran Warren
Member at Large and CPO 6 Representative

Mary Manseau
Land Use Code and Ordinance Subcommittee Chair

CCI Representatives

Per bylaws:

  • The CCI affords each active CPO two voting member positions to representatives, and two alternates. 
  • Selection of CCI members shall be by any method determined by the individual CPOs.
  • The term of each representative shall be as determined by each CPO.   

Bruce Bartlett
CPO 1 Representative

Virginia Bruce
CPO 1 Alternate

Stan Houseman
CPO 3 Representative

Ben Marcotte
CPO 3 Alternate

Wynne Wakkila
CPO 4B Representative

Kathy Stallkamp
CPO 4K Representative

Jim Long
CPO 4M Representative

Raymond Eck and Rex Nere
CPO 6 Representatives

Fran Warren and Leslie Shaw
CPO 6 Alternates

David Shettles
CPO 7 Representative

Marty Moyer
CPO 7 Representative

Mary Manseau
CPO 7 Alternate

Vacant: CPO 8

Richard Smith and Lars Wahlstrom
CPO 10 Representatives

Gary Virgin
CPO 10 Alternate

Vacant: CPO 12C

Vacant: CPO 13

Paul Johnson
CPO 15 Representative