All County Policies

2009 WCCC 100509 Agenda  






2010-2011 COLA and Medical Amendment  

2010-2011 COLA and Medical, dental Amendment


Policies regarding our commitment to providing equal access to services

Agreement on Implementation of Furlough Program  

Agreement on Implementation of Furlough Program FY 2009-2010

Amendment to 2009-2010 Agreement related to COLA  

ONA Amendment to 2009-2010 Agreement related to COLA

Annual Rate Review Procedures and Policies Manual  

Washington County, Oregon's Solid Waste and Recycling Program annual rate review procedures and policies manual.

Bilingual Pay Policy and Designation Form  

The Washington County policy to compensate employees who have passed a bilingual proficiency test and are serving in positions designated by the Human Resources Division as bilingual.

Board of Commissioners Rules of Procedure 2012  

The Washington County Board of Commissioners follows these meeting procedures in accordance with the County Charter.

CDBG Policies  

CDBG, Document, policies

Charter for Washington County, Oregon  

Fundamental document establishing basic form and structure of Washington County government under home rule authority.

Collection Services Impact Call Out

A graphic directing users to click on it to direct them to FAQ content and resources about severe weather and emergency impacts on garbage and recycling collection.

Domestic Violence Leave Policy  

The Washington County Domestic Violence Leave policy is designed to provide employees with the ability to take time off from work to address defined legal, health, and safety concerns of the employee or the employee’s minor children or dependents related to domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking.

Drivers License and Record Policy and Forms  

The Drivers License and Record Policy was adopted to ensure that employees and volunteers who drive on County business are properly licensed and maintain an acceptable driving record.

Drug-Free Workplace Policy  

The Washington County policy regarding the work-related effects of drug use and the unlawful possession of controlled substances on County premises.

Eagle Landing Policies

Policies for Eagle landing park

Electronic Records Policy  

Washington County’s Management, Preservation and Storage of Electronic Public Records, Including Electronic Mail Correspondence (Email) Policy.

Exclusion Policy 2012  

Exclusion Policy for Washington County

Expression of Milk in the Workplace Policy  

Washington County supports breastfeeding mothers in the workplace. The Washington County Expression of Milk in the Workplace policy provides unpaid rest periods and a private location to lactating employees for the purpose of expressing breast milk. (revised May 5, 2010)

Facilities Policies

The Facilities and Parks Services Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of structural, electrical and mechanical functions of County owned and leased buildings. The Division oversees janitorial contracts, lease contracts, and grounds maintenance. This division also manages parks, timber and other County-owned real property.

Facilities Use Policy  

Use of County Facilities

Family Medical Leave Policy  

Washington County's Family Medical Leave Policy (revised January 2011)


Attachment A of R & O

HIPAA Privacy of Protected Health Information  

This Policy outlines the general guidelines and expectations governing requests for, access to, and use and disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI) in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)

HIPAA Training and Consent  

Washington County HIPAA policy

HOME Program Policies Manual  

HOME Program Policies

HOME, CDBG and ESG Monitoring Procedure  

Monitoring procedures for HOME, CDBG and ESG Programs

Harassment-Free Workplace Policy  

The Washington County policy which covers the County's determination to provide a productive work environment for all employees which is fair, civil, positive, respectful of each person’s dignity and is free from all forms of discrimination or harassment.

Healthy Meeting Guidelines  

guidelines for County employees that plan meetings

ITS User Responsibilities Policy (IURP)  

Describes the responsibilities of users of County information devices and networks.

Immigration Status Policy  

Immigration Status Policy Information

Inclement Weather Policy and Procedure  

The purpose of the Inclement Weather Policy is to inform employees of their responsibilities and options during inclement weather.

Job Share Policy  

The Washington County policy which defines job share as a form of employment where two (2) employees fulfill the responsibilities for a single position approved and budgeted as full-time.

Juvenile Department Policies

Policies related to the function of the Juvenile Department.

MAPPS Policy  

The Washington County policy which defines the Management, Administrative and Professional Personnel System (“MAPPS”) plan adopted by the Board of County Commissioners.

MOR 008-01  

Memorandum of Record 008-01

MOR 008-03  

Memorandum of Record 008-03

MOR 008-04  

Memorandum of Record 008-04

Media Response Policy and Procedure  

The Washington County policy outlining the organization's approach toward dealing with traditional news organizations.

Medical Leave Policy 2011  

Medical Leave Policy 2011 second upload

Personal Information Protection Policy  

Washington County Personal Information Protection Policy outlining specific employee responsibilities in regards to safeguarding personal information.

Personnel Rules and Regulations  

Personnel Rules and Regulations Revised-December 19, 2015

Pet Policy  

Pet Policy Information

Photo Consent  

consent to be photographed and for the use of photos in MRC promotion.

Policies and Procedures

Membership on the WCHHS provider network is done through a public procurement process. WCHHS issues Requests for Proposals for adult, child and adolescent, intensive community services and crisis services.

Policies and Procedures

Listing of all Community Development Policies and Procedures

Policy: Compliance with ADA  

HHS policy indicating departmental compliance with ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act)

Policy: Low English Proficient  

Communication with individuals who are low English proficient

Policy: Washington County ADA  

Policy and procedures for the public to request reasonable accommodation and modification pursuant to the American with Disabilities Act

Prohibition of Carrying Firearms Policy  

The Washington County policy which prohibits employees from carrying any firearms while on-duty or on County property at any time. This includes employees who have obtained a concealed weapons permit.

Protocol for Oral Communications at SWAC Meetings  

Protocol for Oral Communications at Solid Waste Advisory Committee Meetings (6.2011)

Public Records Request Policy  

Public Records Request Policy & Procedure

R&O 86-58  

1986 Resolution and Order adopting the County's Citizen Participation Policy and providing for its implementation

Reasonable Accommodation  

Reasonable Accommodation Policy

Reporting of Improper Governmental Conduct Policy  

The Washington County policy which encourages its employees, to report any known or suspected improper governmental conduct, to a responsible County representative.

Resolution and Order  

Sustainability Policy

Same-Sex Domestic Partner Policy  

The Washington County policy which extends health care and other employee benefits to the registered domestic partners of employees so as to be functionally equivalent to those provided to married employees, subject to the requirements of state and federal laws, and the terms, conditions and procedures of this policy.

Smokefree Campus Policy  

Effective October 1, 2014, smoking and the use, distribution, sale or advertising of smoking products and devices are not permitted at any time within and on County property. This policy applies to all employees and the public including volunteers, clients, visitors, vendors and contractors on all property owned and controlled by Washington County.

Social Media Policy  

The Washington County policy establishing expectations and responsibilities of employees who are active on Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media.

Sustainability Plans, Reports & Policies

Sustainability Plans,Sustainability Policies,Sustainability Reports,program information,progress

Sustainable Meeting Guidelines  

guidelines for County employees that plan meetings



Title VI Compliance Plan  

Title IV of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 Compliance Plan

Trimet Annual Pass Program Policy  

The purpose of this policy is to clarify the Employee Commute Options (ECO) Rules and to provide guidance on how and when to survey Washington County employees regarding their mode(s) of transportation to and from their place of work.


Violence Against Women Act

Vacation Donation Policy  

The Washington County policy which allows non-represented employees who wish to voluntarily donate all or part of their accrued vacation leave to another employee may do so under the condition listed in the policy. (2009)

Vehicle Policy and Procedures  

Washington County Vehicle Policy and Procedures document

Vehicle Use Policy

Washington County Vehicle and Equipment Use Policy

Violence in the Workplace Policy  

The Washington County Violence in the Workplace Policy designed to provide a safe work environment for all employees and all citizens who conduct business with County employees or on County property, and to establish a process for reporting and responding to events or threats of violence.

WC Code 8.32 updated 9-2015  

WC Code 8.32 updated 09-2015

Washington County ADA Transition Plan  

Washington County Americans with Disabilities Act Transition Plan

Washington County ESG Program Manual  

Program Manual for Washington County ESG Program

Washington County Midblock Crossing Policy  

Policy for Midblock Crossings in Washington County

Washington County Strategic Plan: County 2000  

Adopted in 1986, County 2000 identified the fundamental approach to County service delivery.

Washington County Strategic Plan: County 2020  

Draft of the Washington County Strategic Plan, called "County 2020."