Programs for Offenders on Supervision

  • Out-patient Drug and Alcohol Treatment:  Contracted with a local non-profit agency to provide intensive treatment services to residents and other offenders on supervision. **

  • Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT):  This is a cognitive based program that helps offenders address their anti-social beliefs and values.  It improves their personal, social, moral, and behavioral growth by focusing on increasing positive behavior and self-esteem; decreasing selfishness; working through frustration; and moral reasoning.**

  • Anger Management:  This is a cognitive-behavioral program to address angering issues, low impulse control, and increase self-awareness. **

  • Acupuncture:  Acupuncture is available to assist with early drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms, chronic pain issues, depression, anxiety, and other physical and mental health challenges. 

  • Parenting:  “Parenting Inside/Out” is the curriculum that is used for this class.  The curriculum has been developed for the parents involved in the criminal justice system.  The class is approved by DHS for those who have classes as a requirement for reunification. **

** Referrals required for these programs.