Law Clerks

Law clerks are current 2nd year and 3rd year law students who assist both felony and misdemeanor attorneys at the Washington County District Attorney's Office.  The DA's Office provides a formal, comprehensive law clerk program with intensive up-front training.  This extensive program offers a great opportunity for those interested in prosecution and trial advocacy.  Through the program, the law clerks will learn the following skills:

  • Trial preparation and presentation
  • Interviewing of witnesses and victims
  • Research and writing
  • Evidence review
  • Court appearances (actual court appearances require Oregon Supreme Court certification)

As part of the hands-on experience, law clerks are also given the opportunity to attend community meetings and training classes, tour the county jail facilities and complete a Ride-Along with a county police agency.

The Washington County DA's Office hires law clerks on a year-long basis.  Partnering with the three Oregon law schools, the interviewing process begins in January for positions that begin in June.  To be eligible you must currently be enrolled in law school.  Only students who will be second- and third-year law students will be hired as law clerks. 

Application Process
Law students attending law school in Oregon should contact their school's career center.