2nd Year Law Students

All second-year law clerks must have completed one year of law school and be currently enrolled for their second year.  The second year clerk positions are one year positions.  After volunteering for the first six months, students are eligible for paid status for the second half of the school year.  The positions require full-time summer commitment (40 hours per week).  The school year requires a ten to twenty hour per week commitment. 

Second year law clerks work on felony and misdemeanor cases at the direction of a Deputy District Attorney, domestic violence cases and restraining order cases.  Duties include:

  • Restraining Order Project: prepare criminal violation of restraining order cases for trial and attend the hearings with a misdemeanor Deputy DA
  • Prepare domestic violence cases for the attorneys to take to trial
  • Complete research and writing projects that pertain directly to the prosecution of particular criminal cases and many issues of search and seizure
  • Obtain documents from around the country pertaining to pending criminal cases
  • Assist felony DDAs with organizing large and complicated cases for prosecution
  • Assist attorneys with creating visual aids, maps and PowerPoint presentations for trial