3rd Year Law Students

All third-year law clerks must have completed two years of law school, be currently enrolled for their third year and be certified by the Supreme Court of Oregon's Law Student Appearance Program pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 13.05 et. seq.  The third year clerk positions are one year positions.  The positions require full-time summer commitment (40 hours per week).  The school year requires a sixteen to twenty hour per week commitment.  Clerks must be eligible for work study.

Third year law clerks work as functioning misdemeanor Deputy District Attorneys.  The primary responsibility of the third year clerk is to be in court.  Third year clerks handle misdemeanor trials and make all types of appearances in misdemeanor cases.  They attend arraignments, pre-trial conferences, motions, pre-trial evidentiary hearings and change of pleas, sentencing hearings, restitution hearings and probation violation hearings.

Third year clerks gain exposure to felony cases through conducting probation violation hearings.  In addition to intensive courtroom work, third year clerks work closely with misdemeanor attorneys to assist in all aspects of a typical caseload.  This includes trial preparation, intake, charging and extension of plea offers.

The third year clerks leave the program at the Washington County District Attorney's Office with a thorough and practical understanding of all aspects of criminal prosecution.