Campaigns, Kits and Games



 Take 5 to Survive was created by Washington County emergency
 managers in response to residents basing their lack of emergency
 preparedness on three factors –not enough time, not enough money
 and a belief that disasters won't impact them. The program is supported
 by a Website and a series of 18 flyers that focus
 on different topics for individuals and families. The first flyer is a calendar
 that breaks up emergency preparedness into bite-sized steps each month,
 addressing the excuses of time and money.




 Preparing Together Discussion Guide and Tool Kit, made possible by
 the Portland Oregon Cities Readiness Initiative, was designed to provide
 leaders of groups with easy-to-understand information and resources for
 preparing together for a disaster or emergency. Washington County is
 committed to partnering with you to prepare. Let's plan now, work 
 together and get ready!


       Preparing Together

 Map Your Neighborhood
is a guide to help you strengthen your
 neighborhood's response to a disaster or significant emergency. The guide
 includes: organizing your neighbors, learning the first nine steps to take
 immediately after a disaster, completing inventories of skills and
 equipment within your neighborhood, and more. 
The Map Your Neighborhood Program was developed by LuAn K. Johnson,
 PhD. and used by many with permission from Washington State
 Emergency Management.


 Map Your Neighborhood


 Prepare! is a multi-year initiative created by the Cascades Region of the
 American Red Cross to save lives and livelihoods by preparing individuals,
 families, schools, businesses, and entire communities to bounce back from
 disasters of all types and sizes.



 Beat the Quake
is a fun quiz to test your earthquake safety knowledge.
 Click on each item in the room and give the best answer for how to secure
 it. But hurry – a real earthquake can hit at any time!


  Beat the Quake