Quake Up 2016!

Quake Up Get Ready No Tiemble

On October 1, 2016, more than 20 vendors provided the public with information and education at the countywide 2016 Quake Up! at the Beaverton Farmers Market. 

A series of presentations on disaster preparedness and emergency planning was held during the event, indoors next to the market. Tualatin Valley Community Television videotaped the talks and programs will be broadcast.  

Quake Up! was presented by the Washington County Community Participation Organizations. 

Ask yourself, "What if the really Big One happens?"

A major earthquake off the Oregon coast could strike at any time.  

Preparation is the key.

No one can predict when an earthquake will happen but we can control how ready we will be. Make a plan with family and neighbors. Get and maintain a disaster supply kit, including a "go kit" to keep at hand. Keep enough water, food, medicine and supplies for at least three days. Extend your supplies to three weeks if you are able. 

We will all be in it together when a major disaster strikes. Ask yourself what situation you might be in: Will you need help from others, or will you be able to provide help? Have conversations and apply preparedness tools with family, friends and neighbors, at our schools, businesses and workplaces, and in all types of communities. 

Learn about what the aftermath of a major earthquake could bring to Washington County and the Portland area. Expect bridges and roads to be damaged or cut off. Widespread outages of power, gas and utilities could be long lasting. Water lines and sanitary systems may be disrupted. Older buildings are especially vulnerable to serious damage.