Our Mission & Function

Mission Statement:

Every child and family reaches full potential through the active involvement of all members of our Washington County Community.

The Commission has five main functions:


  • Facilitating development and implementation of a Comprehensive Community Plan.
  • Involving all sectors of the community in creating sustainable solutions for issues that are identified in the community plan.
  • Coordinating development of programs to address community needs and service gaps and efforts to strengthen existing services.
  • Bringing service systems together (e.g. alcohol and drug, child welfare, early childhood, health, mental health, juvenile justice) to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of health and human services.
  • Advocating for the development of policies and laws that promote the wellness of children, youth and families.

In addition, the CCF manages state and federal funds brought into Washington County through grant writing efforts either by the CCF directly or through collaboration with various community partners. The CCF brought over $18 million dollars into Washington County in the years 2006-2011.