Preschoolers (ages 3-5)


Things you can do...  


  • Play with your child and encourage him to choose the type of play.
  • Find other caring adults to participate regularly in your child's life.
  • Give your children simple chores, such as sorting laundry by color or matching socks.
  • Introduce your children to museums, children's plays, and other events that welcome them.
  • Make up a song with your child.
  • Show your child how to care for her favorite toy.
  • Emphasize sharing whenever possible.
  • Ask your child how she felt about a particular event that happened in her life.
  • Encourage your child to use words when wanting something, not actions.


It's important to know that...


Your child's vocabulary will grow rapidly during these years. He may be able to handle instructions involving two or more steps, such as "get the book and put it in your bag, please." Your child will have a greater sense of self and may say "NO" in defiance of your requests. She may get easily frustrated. Your child may be very challenging right now-have patience! Reading to your child at a young age will help him to achieve when he enters school.

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