What Adults Can Do

  • What other ways can you think of to build family assets in your community?    
  • Be a good role model. Become a mentor or coach.
  • Learn the names of the young people that live near you.
  • Whenever you see them, look at them and greet them by name. Pay attention to young people instead of ignoring them.
  • Expect young people to behave responsibly. If they don't, enforce boundaries appropriately.
  • Ask young people for their opinions and perspectives.
  • Play the role of elder proudly in your community, passing on the wisdom you have learned from others.
  • Send young people letters, e-mails, or newspaper clippings on subjects that interest them.
  • Thank people who work with children and youth (teachers, youth group programs, social service providers, clergy, etc.).
  • Be an advocate for high quality of schools and youth programs backed by sufficient resources.
  • Take the time to play or talk with the young people that you work around or that live near you.

What Adults Can Do
What Young People Can Do
What Parents and Families Can Do
What Seniors Can Do