What Parents and Families Can Do

  • Be a friend to your children's friends, and welcome them into your home.
  • Monitor where your children are - even when they are teenagers. Actively seek support from your extended family, from neighbors, from a congregation, and from others in your network of friends.
  • Talk over political issues with your teenagers, and let them help you make decisions on Election Day.
  • Begin a scrapbook about your children before they are born. As they get older, have them help add to it.
  • Find a community service activity that the whole family has interest in, and then pursue the opportunity. Follow-up the activity with a fun meal or barbecue.
  • Tell your little brother or sister how excited you were when you found out they were on their way.
  • Play with your child or toddler at eye level. Get down on the floor with them and have fun.
  • Go as a family to different cultural events, and then talk about them afterwards.
  • Take a community arts class as a family.
  • Learn a different language with your children.
  • Read to young children every day.

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