What Seniors Can Do

  • Talk to the children around you about what your life was like when you were their age, find the similarities and the differences.
  • Volunteer at your local school and help children to learn how to read.
  • Tell stories to your teenage grandchild about the first times that you met them.
  • Get to know your grandchildren's friends, and find ways to be with all of them.
  • Tell your children what great parents they are, and share stories about what they were like when they were young.
  • Take the time-even if your grandchildren live far away! Call them frequently-even when they don't use words yet.
  • Send your grandchildren care packages with notes attached to each item. For example: brownies with a note attached that says "sweets for my sweetie" or a model car with a note that says, "I love you."
  • Teach a young person how to play an instrument or teach them some of your favorite songs.
  • Ask young people to share with you some of their favorite art or music.
  • Ask young people what school is like "these days."
  • Encourage your congregation to involve young people in decision making.
  • Organize a grandparents' club in your neighborhood, and invite your grandchildren on an outing with the whole group.

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