YAC 2009



MARCH 2009

Oregon Partnership approached YAC to help work on the Face it Parents campaign and they responded with overwhelming enthusiasm. Teens were given two guidelines:

1) Create a “do not furnish alcohol to minors” message, and
2) Direct the message at parents

YAC members wrote radio ads using their personal experiences. They spoke to
the fact that most teens know where alcohol is stored at home. They then shared
that their choice not to consume alcohol was based of their parent’s positive role
modeling, as well as the clear rules about responsible drinking their parents had

Radio ads aired on K103 and were streamed online over various other radio stations
during the month of March. It was hoped that the ads would serve as a reminder
during spring break, and help keep kids safe and healthy.

Culmination Project  2009

 Hundreds of middle and high school students from 24 schools and representing every school district in Washington County participated in the 4th annual Washington County Youth Summit. The focus of this year's summit was mental wellness, physical wellness and social wellness. Student teams will apply for a mini-grant of up to $1,000 to be used to support projects that will be implemented at their schools.


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