Gatekeeper Program



The Gatekeeper Program is designed to assist vulnerable people who need help, but may be unable to get it for themselves.  Many may live alone or have little to no contact with others.  If they become ill or unable to function independently, they can easily go unnoticed and unattended.

The Gatekeeper Program seeks to remedy the problem by enlisting the help of people who, in the normal course of their jobs, may have contact with the elderly or those with disabilities.  A Gatekeeper might be a supermarket clerk, bank teller, pharmacist, utility meter reader, customer service representative, mail carrier, or newspaper deliverer - the list is virtually endless.

A single phone call may help a person with a disability or an older person become aware of community services that are available and make it possible for them to receive assistance.  Washington County Disability, Aging & Veteran Services offers many programs, services and resources.


To find out about getting training for you and/or your organization, please contact Marcia Langer at 503-846-6048 for more details.