Washington County has one of the more progressive and sophisticated Emergency Medical Services (EMS) systems in the nation.  

Responses to medical emergencies in the County have the potential of involving any combination of highly trained Volunteers, Dispatchers, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, First Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), Paramedics, and Emergency Nurses and Physicians, all working in conjunction with Hospital Emergency Departments and tertiary specialty care receiving facilities.

Through collaborative efforts from a generous list of agencies and businesses in the medical field, Washington County is blessed with highly skilled personnel focused on providing optimum services to the community at large.  Please see Service Provider Links on this website for details on the three emergency intake hospitals, seven fire districts, five licensed ambulance providers including air ambulances, and more.  Two trauma centers, located in neighboring Multnomah County, operate cooperatively with these agencies to provide optimum patient care.  

Oregon law requires counties to develop a plan relating to the need for the coordination of ambulance services and to establish ambulance service areas.  In accordance with this requirement, and through careful consideration of competitive proposals, Metro West Ambulance (MWA) was granted the Ambulance Service Area (ASA) and exclusive authority to operate by contractual agreement.  This contract, otherwise known as the Franchise Agreement, may be viewed on this website.