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 MRC volunteers at MAD Training
MRC Volunteers
planning a Mass
Antibiotic Dispensing
(MAD) site.

We expect 2015 to be an exciting time and the startup of a very active MRC unit! The hard work done behind the scenes by your Washington County MRC Leadership Team is coming to fruition. Check back regularly as new events and opportunities will be added as they present themselves. Follow us on Facebook and stay abreast of MRC events and current health news. We're always happy to hear from our volunteers. You can contact us at 503-824-8292 or via email.


Upcoming Events:

Washington County MRC Calendar: Events are updated regularly and registration links are added wherever possible. If you know of event that you'd like us to participate in, let us know!

MRC Leadership Team Meeting: Every 2nd Thursday of the month. The meetings are always open but location changes happen at times due to meeting room availability. Please contact Cynthia for meeting details.

MRC New Volunteer Orientation Meeting: Held quarterly for your convenience. Please contact Cynthia for details.

MRC Unit Meeting: Held quarterly after the orientation. Meet your leadership team and fellow volunteers! Join us for an hour of networking, tabletop exercise or other useful training!