Tobacco Prevention and Education

Clean air!
The Washington County Tobacco Prevention and Education Program (TPEP) is dedicated to reducing tobacco-related illness and death in individuals who live, work, play and worship in Washington County. TPEP works in the community to promote tobacco-free environments and encourage quitting among adults and youth.

For technical assistance on establishing smoke- and tobacco-free environments, please contact Tobacco Program Coordinator Carla Bennett at 503-846-4544. For more information on quitting tobacco, visit our I Want to Quit page.

To protect residents and visitors from secondhand smoke exposure, Washington County TPEP works to create smoke- and tobacco-free environments. These areas include:

  • Worksites
  • Multi-Unit Housing
  • Parks and Outdoor Areas  

Tobacco Statistics in Washington County

  • 499 people die from tobacco use each year, accounting for 18% of all deaths in this county
  • $91 million is spent on medical care for tobacco-related illnesses each year
  • $83 million in productivity is lost due to tobacco-related deaths each year
  • 93% of adults report no-smoking rules in their home

Washington County Public Health conducts outreach, education and enforcement of the smokefree workplace law. If you would like more information about enforcement of the Oregon Indoor Clean Air Act, please call 503-846-8722 or visit our Smokefree Workplace page.