Tobacco-Free Environments

Washington County TPEP focuses on tobacco-related chronic disease prevention and promoting tobacco-free environments in a variety of areas.

WorksitesTobacco-Free Environments

Washington County TPEP provides tools and resources to assist employers in creating policies, systems, and environments that support tobacco-free worksites and promoting cessation.

The Oregon Clean Indoor Air Act protects workers and the public from secondhand smoke. The law prohibits smoking inside and within ten feet of entrances/exits, windows that open and ventilation intakes. Report a violation of the law by submitting a complaint, which can be made anonymously. Learn more about Oregon's Smokefree Workplace Law.

If you would like more information about enforcement of the Oregon Indoor Clean Air Act, please call 503-846-8722.

Multi-Unit Housing

Washington County TPEP assists multi-unit housing property owners and managers with the adoption and promotion of no-smoking rules both indoors and outdoors. Over 75% of all Washington County multi-unit housing properties have some type of no-smoking rule currently in place. 

Parks and Outdoor Areas

Many parks and outdoor areas in Washington County have policies that eliminate secondhand smoke exposure, but the majority still remains unprotected.

Washington County TPEP provides technical assistance in policy development and adoption for organizations and entities looking to adopt tobacco-free and smokefree policies for outdoor areas.

For assistance or more information, please contact Amanda Garcia-Snell at 503-846-3626.