Wraparound Care Coordination

Service Description

The Intensive Service Array (ISA) is a range of service components that are coordinated, comprehensive, culturally competent, family-focused and child-centered, and include intensive and individualized home, community and facility-based services for children and adolescents with severe mental or emotional disorders. Care is integrated in a way that ensures that youth and adolescents are served in the most natural, least restrictive environment possible. This is sometimes referred to as “wraparound”.

Services within the ISA include, but are not limited, to:

  • Care coordination by a Washington County mental health care coordinator
  • Crisis services
  • Intensive community-based services, such as home-based services and skills training
  • Day treatment
  • Respite
  • Therapeutic foster care
  • Psychiatric residential treatment services
  • Inpatient care



The full ISA benefit package is only available to children and adolescents who are OHP eligible. A more limited array of services is available to youth with private commercial insurance who are in psychiatric residential care that is being paid for by the State of Oregon Office of Addictions and Mental Health Services.

Youth ages 0-18 who meet all of the following criteria are ISA eligible:

  • Must have a mental health diagnosis that is covered by the Oregon Health Plan priority list
  • Primary diagnosis cannot be a substance abuse diagnosis
  • Composite Child and Adolescent Service Intensity Instrument (CASII) score greater than 19
  • Current, serious functional impairment in multiple areas (e.g. home, school, peer relationships)
  • Treatment intensity at a lower level of care is insufficient to maintain functioning
  • Child is dangerous to self or others and requires frequent mental health treatment that is in addition to services provided by other agencies such as Child Welfare, Special Education, Juvenile Justice or OYA


Service Providers

Children found eligible for this program may receive treatment from any Washington County contracted service provider. To select these providers, the care coordinator will work with the family to identify the strengths and needs of the child and their family.



In order to be considered for this program, a referral packet must be completed. Please include the following documents:

Fax the completed forms to 503-846-4560 Attn: Mary Baker.


Additional Information

Once a complete referral packet is received, a determination about eligibility will be made within three business days. Both the youth’s family or legal guardian and the person making the referral will be notified in writing of the decision.

If a youth is found to be eligible for the ISA, a Washington County care coordinator will be assigned to the family. The care coordinator will contact the family to begin the selection of a Child and Family Team and the development of a service coordination plan. The first Child and Family Team meeting should occur within 14 days of the eligibility determination.

If a youth is NOT found eligible for the ISA, alternative resources will be recommended for the family. Washington County may be able to provide limited assistance with accessing recommended resources.