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If this is a mental health emergency, do not fill out this form. Please call the Washington County Crisis Line at 503-291-9111, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency department.

You can use this form to send us a message via email and we will route it to the appropriate staff. Please do not send personal or private health information through this form.

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Member Services Phone: 503-846-4528
Fax: 503-846-4560 


Community Mental Health Program Director: Kristin Burke 

Behavioral Health Supervisor: Nick Ocon

Quality Assurance Program Coordinator: Sherri Dybdahl

Quality Improvement Coordinator: Melanie Tong                                                      

Psychiatric Consultant: Alfredo Soto

Children, Adolescent and Family Services:

  • Mental Health Supervisor: Maureen Seferovich
  • Mental Health Supervisor: Mary Hoffer
  • Care Coordinator-Children: This position is currently open and being recruited for.      
  • Children's Wraparound Project Team: Patricia Christman, Rigo Contreras, Janet Dommasch, Caroline Hoover, Natalie Jacobs, June Martin, Marisa Monteblanco, Kelly Peterson, Toby Ryan
  • Family Partners: Heather Lingerfelt, Nancy Petit, Shawna Pilcher
  • School-based Services Coordinator: Rachel Ronning

Adult Mental Health Services:

  • Mental Health Supervisor: Elise Thompson
  • Mental Health Supervisor: Ava Mitchell
  • Care Coordinator-Adults: Iris Sexton
  • Exceptional Needs Care Coordinator:  Heidi Watson
  • AMHI Care Coordination Team:Rebecca Clare, Whitney Struse, Stacy England, William Arp-Howard
  • Jail Liaison: Robert Colpean
  • Jail Diversion: Mindy Coronado
  • Residential Specialist: Joshua Thomas
  • Residential Specialist:  Rebecca Heinlein
  • Older Adult Program Coord:  Kim Jackson

Commitment Team

Main Phone: 503-846-4736
Fax: 503-846-8287

155 N First Avenue, MS 70
Hillsboro , OR   97124


Mental Health Supervisor: Chance Wooley

Investigator, Trial Visit Monitor: Chance Wooley

Commitment Investigator: Sophie Blue

Commitment Investigator: Meredith Lieb-Alsop

Commitment Investigator: Briant Nierstedt

Civil Commitment Coordinator:

Administrative Specialist: Christina Torres