Healthy Families (Formerly Healthy Start)

Healthy Families (formerly called Healthy Start) provides information, resources and support to any first-time parent, helping to give each baby aHealthy Families Oregon healthy start. To participate in this program you must:

  • Be a first time parent (includes mother or father) and 
  • Enroll prenatally or within 90 days of baby's birth date to qualify for home visits
  • Complete a survey to identify needs 

Program Goals:

  • Promote healthy childhood growth and development
  • Support positive parent-child relationships 
  • Help families access community resources  
  • Provide parenting information and support                                                        

Applications and Referrals:                                                

  • Parents may apply directly or be referred by their health care provider or other agency
  • Referrals are accepted from friends, families, prenatal clinics and pediatricians
  • All services are voluntary and free of charge

For more information, call 503-517-5798.              

Healthy Families of Oregon is credentialed by Healthy Families America.