Women, Infants & Children (WIC)

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WIC promotes healthy eating for the whole family
All WIC services are free to those who qualify. The WIC program is here to help you and your family by providing:
  • Information on prenatal care, breastfeeding, infant and childhood nutrition
  • Breastfeeding education and support
  • Support for breastfeeding mothers returning to work and school
  • eWIC - Electronic benefit cards have replaced paper vouchers used to get healthful foods. You'll get your new eWIC card at your next appointment.
  • Referrals to health and social services
  • Ongoing support for parents of young children

Does my family qualify for WIC benefits? 

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding and/or have an infant or child under the age of five, your family may qualify for the services provided by the WIC program. Here are the income guidelines and a list of foods provided by the WIC program.

How do I apply for WIC in Washington County?

There is no paperwork to fill out to receive WIC services. Call our appointment line at 503-846-3555 or come in to one of our three offices to schedule an appointment. At your appointment, WIC will need to see you and your children, proof of income*, proof of address* and proof of ID*.

*WIC can use many different types of documents as proof of income, identity and address. See some examples below. If you are still unsure about what you can bring, please contact the WIC program and staff can help you. 

  • Proof of Income: Current paystub or letter from employer documenting income, unemployment benefit stubs, benefits or earning statements, W-2 forms, income tax return, TANF or SNAP award letter, participation in Medicaid or Oregon Health Plan (OHP)
  • Proof of ID (adult): Current WIC ID Card (for first signer on the card), state issued ID card or driver's license, employee ID card or paystub, school ID card, passport, Medicaid or OHP ID card, birth certificate, INS documents, voter registration card, social security card
  • Proof of ID (infant/child): Note from doctor or midwife on prescription pad documenting infant's birth, hospital birth record, birth certificate, home birth records, current WIC ID card with child's name, Medicaid or OHP card, social security card
  • Proof of Address: Oregon ID card or driver's license, current utility bill, current rent or mortgage receipts, bank statements or bank checks with current address, letters/notifications addressed to the participant with current address, voter registration card.    

Please note: Fathers, grandparents, foster parents or other guardians may apply for WIC for their children. 

How do WIC appointments work and how often will I have them?

During certification visits (twice a year), WIC will check your proof of ID, address and income to make sure you still qualify for the program. Health screenings such as weight, height and iron levels will be done for the WIC participants in your family. Based on your needs and interests, your WIC counselor will work with you around feeding and nutrition to help you ensure that your family is as healthy as possible.

You will also have two additional visits per year (between your certification visits). These appointments may be with the WIC counselor or a nutrition education class (some of which can be completed online on your own time). After each WIC visit (generally four per year), you will get up to three months of vouchers for healthy foods for the WIC participant(s). WIC visits generally last between 20-60 minutes, depending on family size and type of appointment. 

WIC can provide interpreter services if needed.

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