Medical Waste Disposal Options for Residents

Needles, Syringes and Lancets Disposal

Medical needles, syringes and lancets (also known as "sharps") are considered hazardous waste and require proper disposal to prevent injuring others. Do not place sharps in garbage or recycling containers - they pose a risk to workers collecting or sorting the materials. Sharps must be collected in an approved sharps collection container available from your pharmacy, collection service or collection site.

Collection and Disposal Options

sharps container

Approved sharps containers are rigid, leak-proof, puncture-resistant, sealed and clearly marked with the bio-hazard symbol. Containers, such as plastic milk jugs and coffee cans, are not safe for sharps storage. Select an approved method to dispose of sharps from the choices below:

  1. Join a pharmacy container exchange program: Many area pharmacies offer sharps disposal and container exchange programs that provide containers like the one displayed to the right. Bi-Mart and Fred Meyer stores offer a program for a small fee.
  2. Drop off at a Metro collection facility: Similar to the container exchange program offered at pharmacies, Metro also has an exchange program. Metro’s Sharps Disposal and Container Exchange Program allows area residents to bring used sharps stored in approved sharps containers to Metro’s hazardous waste facilities. Participants can dispose of used sharps and receive a new container at minimal to no charge.
  3. Drop off at a Metro hazardous waste neighborhood collection event: Metro hosts neighborhood household hazardous waste collection events throughout the region. Residents can bring used sharps and other household hazardous waste to nearby drop-off events for safe collection. 
  4. Subscribe to other collection service: In Washington County, sharps and other medical waste may be collected through your local hauler by a sub-contractor. Call your hauler to find out what residential and commercial collection service options are available.
  5. Mail them in: Some haulers and other vendors may offer sharps-by-mail service, a safe, confidential, "from home" mailing solution for sharps disposal. Check with your hauler for options.
  SYRINGE_drawing** Residential care facilities, group homes and other commercial generators of sharps should contact their regular solid waste collection company or call the Metro Recycling Information at 503-234-3000 for more information.


Used Sharps Container Drop-off Locations in Washington County

Below is a partial list of facilities/businesses in Washington County that accept used lancets, syringes and needles for safe disposal. Contact the facility nearest you for hours of operation and disposal or program fees.

Aloha Garbage & Recycling Co. 20525 SW Blanton Street, #A 503-649-6727
Allied Waste - Tualatin Office 10295 SW Ridder Road, Suite 2 503-570-0626
Bi-Mart - Aloha 5975 S 185th Avenue 503-649-6562
Bi-Mart - Forest Grove 3225 Pacific Avenue 503-357-0244
Bi-Mart - Hillsboro 2075 SE Tualatin Valley Hwy 503-640-3777
Fred Meyer - Beaverton 11425 SW Beaverton-Hills Hwy 503-526-1833
Fred Meyer - Beaverton 15995 SW Walker Road 503-690-5833
Fred Meyer - Beaverton Hillsdale 7700 SW Beaverton-Hills Hwy 503-203-4033
Fred Meyer - Cornelius 2200 Baseline Street 503-359-3103
Fred Meyer - Hillsboro 6495 SE Tualatin Valley Hwy 503-848-4583
Fred Meyer - Sunset 22075 NW Imbrie Drive 503-747-1115
Fred Meyer - Tigard 11565 SW Pacific Highway 503-293-7085
Fred Meyer - Tualatin 19200 SW Martinazzi Avenue 503-691-4233
McCann's Pharmacy - King City 15685 SW 116th Avenue 503-639-7377

Disposal Facilities and Resources

Metro Recycling Information Hotline and Household Hazardous Waste Information - general recycling and disposal options



Metro hazardous waste collection facilities - hazardous waste disposal: Metro Central Station, 6161 NW 61st Ave,Portland, OR  97210 or Metro South Station, 2001 Washington St, Oregon City, OR  97045 

Commercial disposal - Stericycle
866-783-7422, email
Supply, pickup and disposal of sharps containers to hospitals and other businesses in most hauler areas for a fee in Washington county. Pride Disposal Company and Waste Management of Oregon provide pickup and disposal options for those service areas.


Other Information Resources

Contact us to order "Used Sharps" brochures to hand out to customers, patients or residents.