Inclement Weather Policy

Washington County’s Policy for Missed Collection due to Inclement Weather

If schools are closed, solid waste (garbage) and recycling (including yard debris) collection may be cancelled. Collection will be made up the following day. If adverse weather conditions persist (schools are closed) for more than one consecutive day, customers who miss collection service will receive service during the next regularly scheduled period for the missed service. This means recycling/yard debris service will be collected on the next regularly scheduled period. Contact your hauler with questions about collection schedules during inclement weather.


Administrative Rule 14.
Service Standards(E)(b) 3 - Missed Collection

"The hauler shall not be held responsible for missed collection due to temporary access restrictions imposed by local authority, inclement weather, or natural disaster, but shall make every effort to provide service as soon as possible thereafter.  If the hauler misses a scheduled collection day due to inclement weather, generally indicated when schools are closed, the hauler shall provide services the next day.  If adverse weather conditions persist (schools continue to be closed) for more than one day, collection services for customers will be deferred until the following week on their regularly scheduled collection day. On any day when services are missed for the reasons stated herein, the hauler shall notify the County via phone message or e-mail no later than 12:00 p.m. on the day in question of the extent that collection schedules have been or are being changed."


Additional Resources 

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