Recycle at Home

All residents in Washington County have access to garbage and recycling collection services at home. Whether you live in a single-family household or in a multifamily townhome, apartment or condominium unit, it is your right to be provided recycling. If you have questions, you can contact a waste prevention and recycling specialist or call 503-846-3605.

What can I recycle from home?


The same items are recyclable in a single-family home or multifamily home.  

Include these items:

  • Paper and cardboard
  • Aluminum, tin, aerosol cans and scrap metal
  • Plastic bottles, buckets and tubs
  • Glass bottles and jars (separate from other recyclables)

Learn more about the materials you can recycle at home and how to prepare them properly.  

What happens to your garbage in Washington County and other recycling and waste prevention tips video (28:01 min)

When are my garbage and recycling collected?

Residents in single-family homes are responsible for putting their roll carts and bins out at the side of the road. The schedule is set by the hauler. Haulers provide calendars to customers. Fin-in-the-blank calendars are also available online if you know your schedule and want to print it at home. Call your hauler for more information or if you didn't get your collection calendar. 

Recycling and garbage roll carts and bins in multifamily communities are managed by property managers and haulers. 

Which holiday decorations can I recycle?

You have options for recycling holiday lights, wrapping, trees and greenery. Learn more

How do I sign up for collection service?

Where you live makes a difference on when and how your garbage and recycling is collected — at the side of the road or in an enclosure.

Single-family residential garbage and recycling — Roll carts and bins

Each household has its own garbage and recycling account and its own roll carts and bins. Roll carts and bins are put out on your road according to your schedule. Learn more about single-family recycling. Call your hauler to set up service. 

Multifamily garbage and recycling — enclosure bins

Residents share the same garbage and recycling account and dumpsters or carts are provided by their property manager or home owners association. Learn more about multifamily recycling.

What can I recycle at a drop-off recycling center?

There are options for recycling many items that do not go in your hauler-collected recycling to include reuse. Ask Metro to find a drop-off recycling or donation center for your unwanted items. Watch a video about what you can take to a drop-off recycling center.

Why recycle?

To reduce costs

Garbage collection bills are generally determined by the size of the collection container. By separating reusable and recyclable materials from the garbage, you may be able to reduce the size of your container or how often it's picked up. Check with your local jurisdiction for options.

To protect our environment

By recycling, we are recirculating resources through the economy, which reduces the need to extract raw materials to make new "stuff." Learn more about how materials are used to generate products for our economy.

To keep our community clean

By adding recycling service at a multifamily community (apartment, townhouse or condominium), residents can separate paper, plastic bottles and containers, metal and glass bottles and jars from their garbage. These materials won't take up space in community garbage containers, resulting in overflowing garbage.

To create jobs

Ton for ton, recycling creates more jobs for our community than does landfill disposal. When material is set out for recycling, it will be sorted, transported and eventually processed into new products. At each step, jobs are needed to prepare the materials, adding value to the original load of recyclables.

How does recycling work?

Ever wonder what happens to your recycling after it leaves your home? View "Saving Little Pieces of the Earth" to learn about the journey your recycling takes and to better understand why it's important to recover these materials.


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