Multifamily Recycling

One-third of Washington County households are in multi-family communities (apartments, condominiums or townhome communities of more than four units). Oregon State Law (ORS 90.318) requires multi-family communities to provide their residents with the opportunity to recycle and provide yearly notification about the on-site recycling program.

Washington County's Recycling Program provides assistance and resources, at no charge, to multi-family communities located in Washington County, with the exception of the city limits of Beaverton. To request assistance email or call us at 503-846-3605.


Information for Property Managers

Enclosures:  Containers - What Kind, Where to Place and How to Label

  1. Place two kinds of recycling containers in every enclosure.
    • Provide containers for mixed recycling (paper, plastic and metal)
    • Provide additional containers for glass recycling.
  2. Place recycling containers at the mail centers and in other communal areas.
  3. Use the buddy system - always place garbage and recycling containers together.
  4. Put stickers/labels* on containers that show the material that should be placed in the container.
  5. Post signs* in enclosures that show residents how to recycle.

Educate Your Residents

  1. Explain the recycling program to new residents. Identify the nearest recycling area to their unit.
  2. Give them a recycling guide* and a reusable recycling bag* to collect and transport recyclables.
  3. Remind residents on a regular basis about your community's recycling program through newsletters, posted flyers, door-hangers or at community events. 

* Available through the County's recycling program order form PDF icon

Information for Residents

Woman with Recycle Bag

  1. Locate the nearest garbage and recycling area(s) in your community. Ask your property manager to show you the area if you cannot find it.
  2. Separate papers, metal, plastic bottles, buckets and tubs from your garbage and take them to recycling containers. Review these recycle preparation instructions for details.
  3. Flatten cardboard boxes before recycling them. This saves space in the recycling container so your neighbors can recycle, too.
  4. Rinse containers to remove food before recycling.


What about electronics, appliances, clothing and plastics that are not accepted in my community's recycling containers?

Visit Metro's Find a Recycler webpage to locate a nearby donation or recycling drop-off location for reuse or recycling of items that aren't accepted in your recycling program.  

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