Single-Family Recycling

Washington County residents with garbage collection service also receive mixed recycling, glass and yard debris collection as part of that service. Monthly charges are based on the size of the garbage container chosen. The County and each city within the County set rates and collection frequency standards for garbage and recycling collection. 

In Unincorporated Washington County (north of US Highway 26, Aloha, Metzger and rural areas), residents receive weekly garbage collection service as well as every-other-week mixed recycling, glass and yard debris collection – rural Washington County residents do not receive yard debris collection service. For more specific information regarding your collection schedule, contact your hauler.

Please email with any further questions or call the Washington County Solid Waste & Recycling Program at 503-846-3605. 

City residents

Collection frequency standards and rates vary depending on which city you live in, check your City's website for more information.

Who Collects my Garbage and Recycling?

All garbage and recycling collection service in Washington County is provided by private companies based on specific geographic areas. To start service, confirm collection days or determine your subscribed level of service, contact the hauler that provides service to your residence. If you are unsure of who provides collection service to your residence, use Metro's "Who's My Hauler" online search tool, or call the Washington County Solid Waste & Recycling Program at 503-846-3605. All haulers offer garbage service in containers ranging from 20 gallons to 95 gallons. Subscribing to garbage service includes mixed recycling, glass and yard debris - though rural residents outside the urban growth boundary do not have yard debris service options.

In cooperation with the cities of Banks, Cornelius, Durham, Forest Grove, Hillsboro, King City, North Plains, Sherwood, Tigard and Tualatin, the Washington County Solid Waste & Recycling Program provides educational assistance and resources to all residents located within Washington County with the exception of the City of Beaverton. Residents of the City of Beaverton may contact the City of Beaverton Solid Waste and Recycling Program by email or by calling 503-526-2665.


Residential Collection Service


To identify your collection days, print out a collection calendar PDF icon and confirm your collection day(s) with your hauler.

  • Garbage: Collected weekly using a roll cart provided by your hauler.
  • Mixed recycling: Cardboard, paper, scrap metal, and plastic bottles, buckets and plastic tubs. Mixed recycling is collected weekly or every-other-week, depending upon your location. Mixed recycling is collected using a roll cart provided by your hauler.
  • Glass bottle and jar recycling: Collection frequency varies depending upon your location. Use your red bin or another sturdy, rain-proof container to set your glass out for collection next to your mixed recycling roll cart.
  • Used motor oil: Collection frequency varies depending upon your location. Set used motor oil in a see-through gallon jug with screw-top lid "on the side" next to recycling containers. No other liquids allowed.
  • Yard debris - no food PDF icon: If you live within the urban growth boundary, yard debris is collected weekly or every-other-week, depending on location, in a roll cart provided by your hauler. There is no yard debris service for residents who live in rural Washington County (outside the urban growth boundary).

Drop-off Recycling Centers

There are other options to recycle items that do not go in your curbside collection to include reuse. Find a recycler or donation center for your unwanted items.  


Home composting and drop-off yard debris recycling centers

There are other options for managing your yard debris and vegetable and fruit food waste other than curbside collection to include:
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Additional Resources: