Business Awards Program


Washington County’s Recycle at Work Program recognizes local area businesses for excellence in Waste Prevention, Recycling, and Environmental Purchasing. Creating less waste, recycling, and WCRAWAwardweb_250buying recycled products help make Washington County a healthier place at home, work and play.  
Become a Washington County Recycle at Work Business and your organization will be considered for the "Spotlight on Business" article in our newsletter and listed on our business recognition webpage .
Your organization can qualify by implementing simple steps: 
  • Use paper made with at least 30% recycled content
  • Purchase at least three recycled-content items
  • Recycle paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and tubs, aluminum, tin, and glass
  • Have an established Green Team or Recycling Coordinator
  • Engage in at least five waste prevention practices
  • Sign-up for Washington County's electronic business newsletter
  • Have a purchasing policy in place that supports the purchase of recycled-content supplies
  • Engage in one other activity that goes above and beyond the practices listed above  

Apply Online Today!
This application is designed to reduce waste by allowing users to complete it electronically and submit it to Washington County Recycle at Work Program as an e-mail attachment. If your preference is to print it and send it by mail, that's fine too; we'll process it either way!   

Not sure if your business qualifies? 

Our Program’s experienced team will guide you through the application process and assist you in achieving your recycling and waste prevention goals. Contact the Washington County Recycle at Work Program at (503) 846-8609 or via e-mail