The Solid Waste and Recycling program provides regulatory oversight related to the collection, storage and disposal of solid waste (garbage) and recycling in unincorporated Washington County.


All garbage and recycling collection service is provided by privately-owned and operated companies.  The County provides regulatory oversight of 13 collection companies through the issuance of a sanitary service certificate. 

Disposal Sites

There are two privately-owned construction and demolition landfills and one privately-owned compost facility that the County regulates through the granting of a franchise agreement.  

Regulatory Framework

Both franchise agreements and certificates are governed by a comprehensive set of local rules and regulations as well as federal and state laws.

County staff works with Metro and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality to monitor disposal facilities that are licensed and/or permitted by those agencies in addition to holding a franchise with the County.

Disposal facilities and collection companies located in cities are governed by the rules and regulations of that city and are not under the jurisdiction of the County.

Rate Setting

The County is also responsible for setting fair and reasonable rates for solid waste, recycling and medical waste collection services in Unincorporated Washington County. These rates are reviewed on an annual basis.


The County is also responsible for monitoring and enforcing general code requirements that address such issues as:

  • General nuisances
  • Accumulation of garbage
  • Abandoned wells and septic tanks
  • Uncontrolled growth of weeds and brush
  • Vectors(e.g.; rats and mice)
  • Abandoned appliances that pose a threat to public health or the environment