Collection Calendar

Garbage and Recycling Day mobileDon't miss your garbage or recycling day ever again. Keep track of your garbage and recycling pick-up schedule with the new Garbage and Recycling Day online and mobile tool. See below for more information and instructions on the features. 

Call your hauler for information on workplace or multifamily garbage and recycling collection schedules. 

Please note that these services are currently in development. If you have any issues, please email the Solid Waste & Recycling Program or call 503-846-3605.

Mobile phone or tablet app

Download the Garbage and Recycling Day app to have your schedule and recycling information on your phone or pad. 

1. On the mobile device, visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Search for "Garbage and Recycling Day."

3. Download the free app.

4. After downloading and opening the "When is collection day?" screen will open.

5. Search for an address to begin.

Garbage and recycling hauler contact info and curbside collection schedule 

1. Click "My Schedule" below. 

2. Enter your address and click "Search." 

What to recycle and where?

Need help figuring out which cart or bin a material goes in? Click on "What to recycle and where?" above to find out if something goes in the garbage, in the recycling or should be taken to a drop-off recycling center. For more information or to view more recycling guides, visit the Recycle at Home page. 

Digital or print collection calendar 

1. Click on "My Schedule" above.

2. Then click on "Get a calendar."

3. Choose the type of calendar you want. 

Digital calendar

1. Click on "Add to Google Calendar," "…iCal" or "…Microsoft Outlook" to add your calendar.

2. Follow the instructions for downloading your schedule as shown.

Print calendar

1. Click on "Print a Calendar." 

2. Then click "Print." 

Collection-day reminders and changes to schedules 

1. Click on "My Schedule" above.

2. Then click on "Get a reminder." 

3. Pick the reminder you would like to receive — email, phone call or text.