Tools and Resources

The Washington County Solid Waste & Recycling Program provides free assistance, educational and technical resources to residents and businesses located throughout Washington County, with the exception those living within the city limits of Beaverton. Residents, businesses or both are encouraged to download the following materials or submit a request at 503-846-3605 or by email.

Resources to help residents recycle at home:


What goes on at a transfer station? (8:08 min)

Resources to help recycle at home:

For all residents:recycling family cropped

For residents with single-family or small multi-unit collection service

(four or less housing units without shared garbage and recycling containers):

For managers and residents at multifamily communities

(five or more housing units with shared garbage and recycling containers):

For school-age children:

Resources to help recycle at work:

Resources for builders and renovators: