Mosquito Control


Washington County Mosquito Control is responsible for managing mosquitoes by an integrated mosquito management (IMM) strategy. The goal of IMM is to maintain tolerable levels of mosquito populations using sound environmental practices. This goal is achieved by education, mosquito surveillance, source reduction, habitat modification, biological control methods and treating mosquito-breeding areas with public health pesticides. 

Washington County Environmental Health Mosquito Control Program:

  • Collects and tests dead birds and mosquitoes for West Nile Virus (WNV) and other diseases.
  • Provides education in the community. Contact us for information regarding group presentations.
  • Identifies mosquito-breeding areas and conducts routine surveillance.
  • Treats areas of concern for mosquitoes that can carry diseases.
  • Coordinates surveillance and control efforts with other local governmental agencies. 
  • Distributes Mosquito Fish (Gambusia affinis) to Washington County residents for use in their ornamental ponds, water troughs, and other potential breeding areas.

How do I...?

Environmental Health: 503-846-8722

Mosquito Control: 503-846-2904