Prevention Matters

We are working on making this website more useful and informative. In the meantime, please visit our other website for prevention resources around drugs, alcohol, tobacco, suicide, gambling, crime and bullying. 

“Stop the process before it starts.”

Mission: Implement prevention and education initiatives to create a healthy community for all.

Vision: A community with effective prevention, education and treatment for all

Prevention creates conditions for health and well-being. It is a dynamic, ongoing process designed to reduce risk factors and promote protective factors for individuals, families and communities. Communities benefit from effective prevention. Studies have shown that $1 spent on substance abuse prevention can result in $10 of long-term savings. Crime and delinquency decrease. School attendance and academic achievement improve.

Evidence-based prevention involves identifying, assessing and implementing strategies that are supported by scientific research. Private and public funders and decision-makers increasingly want to know whether the programs they fund work. We now have better prevention tools to focus our limited resources on what works.

The Prevention Matters group at Washington County works with the community by providing education, training, technical assistance, outreach, and policy development and implementation.

Contact Us:
The Prevention Matters group includes the following programs. Please visit their individual web pages or contact the person(s) listed below.

Addiction Services
Drugs, Alcohol and Problem Gambling
Andy Cartmill

Alcohol and Drug Prevention
Betty Merritt

Tobacco Prevention
Gwyn Ashcom

High Risk Drinking
Rebecca Collett

Suicide Prevention
Meghan Crane