Internship Program

Graduate Interns

Washington County Juvenile Department provides excellent opportunities for graduate students in counseling, social work, or art therapy master’s degree programs who have a desire to work with at-risk youth. The Graduate Internship Program is committed to providing a supportive, flexible and challenging environment for all students while addressing individual educational needs and graduate program requirements. Two students are selected annually for placement at the Juvenile Department. Ideal candidates will have previous experience working with at-risk youth and a knowledge of adolescent development. Graduate Interns are provided the opportunity to learn direct counseling skills with youth ages 12-18 and their families, and to learn about the juvenile justice system. 

The Washington County Juvenile Department takes pride in providing excellent supervision and training to all students who participate in our internship program. Students completing the program will be fully prepared to enter the counseling field as competent professionals. Students are typically accepted through a competitive interview process in February or March annually. Harkins House also accepts two graduate interns and partners with Youth Contact for this selection and supervision process.

Please contact Jennifer Yonker at (503) 846-8775 for more information about the graduate internship program.


Volunteer Opportunities

Harkins House accepts limited numbers of undergraduate interns and/or volunteers. Please contact Harkins House at (503) 846-8766 for further information.

Tutors are also needed for various subjects for weekly tutoring sessions for youth. Please contact Jennifer Yonker at (503) 846-8775 for more information.


You can also reach Jennifer Yonker at the Washington County Juvenile Department at 503.846.8775, or e-mail at with additional questions about these volunteer opportunities.