Internship Program

Graduate Interns

Washington County Juvenile Department provides excellent opportunities for graduate students in social service related master’s degree programs who have a desire to work with at-risk youth. The Graduate Internship Program is committed to providing a supportive, flexible and challenging environment for all students while addressing individual educational needs and graduate program requirements. Up to 4 students are selected annually for placement in one of two unique settings: The Juvenile Department, and Harkins House youth shelter. In both settings, Interns have the opportunity to provide individual counseling, group counseling, family counseling, consultation, case management, community based practice, and administrative functions. Here at Washington County Juvenile, we take pride in providing excellent supervision and training to all students who participate in our internship program. Our goal is to take each student from his/her current level of professional functioning and transform her/him into a competent, confident, social service provider who is fully prepared to enter the workplace in his/her chosen discipline.

Please contact Jennifer Yonker at (503) 846-8775 for more information about the graduate internship program.

Work Study Program

The Washington County Juvenile Department has partnered with Pacific University since the 2004-05 academic year as a community work-study site. Graduate and/or undergraduate students who have been awarded work-study as part of their financial aid package have the opportunity to earn work-study money through their work with the Juvenile Department.

Please contact LaRoy LaBonte for more information at (503) 846-4703.

Please note all interns are subject to a criminal background check.

Volunteer Opportunities

Currently, the Washington County Juvenile Department is partnering with Big Brothers Big Sisters to serve our at-risk youth through volunteer mentors. While Big Brothers Big Sisters provides volunteer mentors for many children, there are two specific programs that are in need of volunteers to work with specialized groups of youth we serve.

Second Chance

Second Chance aims to break the cycle of harmful behaviors by supporting youth between the ages of 12 and 17 who are currently being served by the juvenile justice system. Youth in this program will reside either in Multnomah, Washington, or Clackamas County upon their release. Working in partnership with the Oregon Youth Authority and county juvenile service divisions, a Second Chance volunteer meets with a youth currently involved in the juvenile justice system. The Big Brother or Sister provides friendship and helps the youth ease back into society after incarceration.

Interested in Second Chance?

Please direct any questions to Tami Wallis, Second Chance Program Manager. You can contact her by phone at 503.943.5781, or email at

Apoyo The Apoyo Program: a″po″yo m. (soporte) support

Big Brothers Big Sisters has partnered with Washington County Mental Health Services to introduce you to a child who is currently receiving mental health services and is in need of an additional friend. The children already have a professional support system in place. All they need is time with you to participate in life's fun adventures for a few hours, a couple of times per month. As a volunteer, we ask that you meet with your Little Brother or Sister for at least two years. But, since our volunteers and children have so much fun, most of our friendships last longer. If you live in Washington County, consider becoming an Apoyo Big Brother or Sister. Be sure to indicate that you want to be an Apoyo volunteer.

You can also reach Jennifer Yonker at the Washington County Juvenile Department at 503.846.8775, or email at with additional questions about these volunteer opportunities.