Assessment Unit

Contact: Milt Ewing, Manager  (503) 846-3579

Intake counselors assess lower level offenders and the needs and strengths of the youth and family to determine a course of action. Sanctions, such as restitution to victims and community service work, and/or referral to community resources can occur. The counselors may also determine that further services are warranted and a youth may be referred to the Early Intervention Unit or a legal document may be filed and the youth may go before the Court.

FAQ’s for Assessment

My son/daughter was arrested and referred for the first time to the Juvenile Department, what happens next?

  • In most circumstances, you will receive a letter scheduling you and your son/daughter for an appointment with an assessment counselor. The assessment counselor will gather information and make a determination of whether or not the case can be resolved informally or if it requires Court action.
  • To understand the departmental referral process, please see the Juvenile Department Flow Chart.

If my child doesn’t want to go to school, what I can I do?

  • After you have contacted the school to get assistance, you may then call and speak with an assessment counselor who may be able to give you recommendations or refer you to other resources.
  • Get more information on Truancy Court.

To get information on community resources for at-risk youth, please visit Community Action’s FIND database.