Grading & Engineering

Listed below are the grading permit applications, forms and checklists relating to projects for submittal to Washington County.  These are available in PDF format for online completion and printing.

The bankcard authorization form may also be completed online and printed for submission.

Permit Applications:

1.     Grading Permit Application

Grading and Site Work Plan Submittal Checklists:

2.     General Grading Permit Submittal Package Checklist
3.     Onsite Stormwater Requirements
4.     Retaining Wall Permit Requirements
5.     Fire Marshall Site Review Form

Structural Plan Submittal Checklists and Requirements:

6.     Residential Engineering Design Submittal Checklist
7.     Suspended Ceilings Seismic Design Requirements
8.     Mechanical and Electrical Components and Piping Systems Seismic Design Requirements
9.     Special Inspection and Testing Agreement
10.   Engineering Plan Review Guidelines

Miscellaneous Forms and Information:

11.   Grading Ordinance
12.   Engineering Projects Plan Review Timelines and Priorities
13.   Fee Schedule 2012-2013
14.   Bankcard Authorization Form