Residential Buildings


811 full colorBelow is a collection of residential building permit applications, forms and checklists relating to projects for submittal to Washington County. These forms are available in PDF format for online completion and printing.

The building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical and bank card authorization forms may be completed online and printed for submission.


CONTRACTORS ONLY: Residential electrical, plumbing and mechanical only permits may be purchased online through e-permits.

NOTE: Submit completed Building Permit Applications with fire sprinkler, fire alarm, and retaining wall submittals.


Permit Applications and Forms

  1. Building Permit Application
  2. Electrical Permit Application  
  3. Renewable Electrical Energy Permit Application
  4. Mechanical Permit Application
  5. Plumbing Permit Application  
  6. Grading Permit Application
  7. Revision Submittal Form
  8. Manufactured Dwelling Placement Permit Application
  9. Equipment Installation Permit
  10. NFPA 13D Permit Application (same as the regular Building Permit application) 
  11. High Efficiency Lighting and Moisture Sensitive Wood Form
  12. Alternate Methods, Design and Materials of Construction Form

Residential Guidelines & Checklists

  1. Residential Plans Submittal Checklist
  2. NFPA 13D Sprinkler System Checklist
  3. NFPA 13R Sprinkler System Checklist (for residential structures regulated by the O.S.S.C.)
  4. Residential Engineering Design Submittal Checklist
  5. General Grading Permit Submittal Package Checklist
  6. Onsite Stormwater Requirements
  7. Retaining Wall Permit Requirements
  8. Residential Prescriptive Design Criteria
  9. Engineering Structural Design Criteria
  10. Oregon Solar Installation Specialty Code Check List

Fees and Payments

  1. Bank Card Authorization Form
  2. Trust Account Application or Deposit Form
  3. Refund Request
  4. Fee Schedule
  5. Residential Building Valuation Table


  1. Electrical Plan Review for Complex Structures
  2. Permit Jurisdictions
  3. Electronic Plan Review - EPR - ProjectDox