Application Submittal

A Land Use Application is collection documents and evidence which will be used to satisfy the requirements of the Washington County Community Development Code.  Because each Land Use Application is so unique and may require very specific information about the property, we are unable to provide a standard list of requirements that will work for each application.  As a result, evidence in an application can include things like: pictures, site plans, surveys, reports, engineering reports, property documentation, and/or more.

The Application is submitted with the correct Application Fees to Current Planning when you feel as though you have gathered all the required evidence to meet the standards of the Community Development Code.

Once the application is accepted by staff, we will have 30 days to "Review it for Completeness", or in other words we make sure that all the evidence we need is within the application.  If the application has all the required evidence, staff will accept it and will begin working on the application.  If it does not have the required evidence, it will be labeled as "Incomplete", be sent back and will need to be resubmitted with the missing materials.

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