Pre-Application Conference

A Pre-Application meeting, or Pre-App for short, is a formal meeting between a land owner and Current Planning Staff meant to provide important information about submitting a Land Use Application.  The meeting must be scheduled by Current Planning staff in order to provide enough time for the planner to research the property.  When the Pre-App occurs, the planner provides information about the zoning of the property, any natural resources or special areas of consideration, and all of the Community Development Code Sections which require attention for the Application.  In addition, the planner will also go over the submittal process, costs, Neighborhood Meetings (if applicable), Public Hearings (if applicable), and Final Approval.

Pre-App meetings cost $260 and are required for most Type II and Type III applications.  However, a Pre-Application waiver can be signed if you do not wish to attend a Pre-App of if you feel that you are familiar with the process and do not require assistance.

To schedule a Pre-Application meeting you can download the Pre-Application Meeting Request form, fill it out, and return it the Current Planning Division in person or it can be faxed to 503-846-2908.


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