Health Hardship Dwelling

Health Hardship dwellings applications are considered Temporary Use Permits which will allow you to place an additional house on your property when there is a family member who has a health hardship which can be caused by a medical condition or from advanced age.  The Health Hardship must be documented by a physician and it must be clear that there is a current need for the care recipient to live close to a relative to receive help with day to day activities.

Approval of this application will allow for placement of an additional home on the property for two years.

At the end of the two years, if the care recipient still requires care then the Health Hardship dwelling can be renewed for another two years, and can continue to be renewed every two years until the care recipient no longer needs care.

Once the permit expires then the dwelling unit must be removed from the property within 90 days. 

Health Hardship Dwellings usually require a Type II application procedure.

Health Hardship Dwelling renewals usually require a Type II application procedure.

Costs for a Health Hardship Dwelling application can be found on theFee Information page.

Check the Health Hardship Dwelling Handout for more information about the requirements for Health Hardship Dwellings.