Common Land Use Applications

An application is the vehicle used by the County to determine whether or not a proposed development is in compliance with the standards of the Community Development Code.  Applications are also used to identify potential negative impacts on surrounding properties and to allow staff the opportunity to assign conditions to an applicant in order to prevent the proposed development from allowing these impacts to occur.

The Application Process

The application process begins with the applicant deciding on what type of development they would like to pursue.  Whether its an addition to an existing home, or construction of an industrial park, the Current Planning Division cannot begin the process without a proposal.

Depending on the type of proposal, an applicant can be required to attend a Pre-Application Meeting.  Pre-Application Meetings provide the County a chance to review the project and provide guidance to the applicant regarding the standards of the Community Development Code and applies to the proposal.  If the applicant does not wish to attend the Pre-Application Meeting, or they already understand the sections of the Community Development Code that would apply then it is possible to sign a Pre-Application Waiver.

Following the Pre-Application Meeting the applicant prepares the required materials and turns them in for a completeness review.  This review is carried out to make sure staff has sufficient accurate information to make a recommendation to the Director or the Hearings Officer.  Completeness review can take 30 days.

Once an application has been accepted as complete, staff begins reviewing the materials and drafting a staff report that weighs all of the provided materials against the applicable requirements of the Community Development Code in order to create findings on whether or not the standards of the requirement have been met.  Based on these findings Staff can either recommend: Approval, Approval with Conditions, or Denial.  If the subject property is located within the Urban area, the County has a limit of 120 days to issue a decision. If an application is located within the Rural area the County has a limit of 150 days to issue a decision.

If an applicant disagrees with the decision made by the County, or parts of the decision made by the County, then an appeal can be filed within 10 days of the date of the decision.  Additionally, any member of the public who disagrees with the decision made by the County can  file an appeal within 10 days of the decision of the application.

If an appeal  is not filed within the allotted time limit then the decision is accepted, any Conditions of Approval must be completed and any required permits must be obtained prior to construction of  the proposed development.  

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