Code Priorities

Code Compliance staff will generally respond to potential code violations based on the priority ranking listed below. The priority may be adjusted based on available resources or aggravating circumstances.

Planning & Development Services Code Compliance Priorities

Priority 1 Violations
These violations involve land use activities that impact environmental/natural resources (irreparable harm may take place if not corrected), pose significant health and safety issues or involve structures under construction that do not meet Code standards.

  • Flood Plain and Drainage Hazard Area disturbances (including but not limited to grading and construction of roadway crossings)
  • Tree/vegetation removal within Significant Natural Resource areas
  • Dwelling (s) without a permit
  • Accessory structure without permit in the Exclusive Forest Conservation District
  • Setback issues for dwellings or accessory buildings under construction
  • Compliance with conditions of development permits (i.e. conditions of approval)
  • Sight distance violations


Priority 2 Violations
These violations involve activities that disturb the livability of the community or pose a lower health and safety risk.  Health and safety issues would cause the violations to be designated a higher priority.

  • Grading  without permits in all districts except as specifically listed
  • Commercial/Industrial activities without permits (includes home occupations and agricultural buildings converted to non-agricultural uses)
  • Outdoor parking or storage of five or more inoperable vehicles or parts thereof (defined as auto wrecking)


Priority 3 Violations
These violations usually do not involve safety issues, may have visual impacts but are hard to enforce (i.e. signs) or does not cause irreparable harm (agricultural building without permit).

  • Accessory structures exceeding the dimensional standards in all districts except as specifically listed
  • Setback issues for existing structures in all districts except as specifically listed
  • Parking or storage of commercial vehicles, heavy equipment in a residential district
  • Fence or retaining wall height issues
  • Miscellaneous Code violations


Priority 4 Violations
These types of violations happen fairly infrequently, and if they do occur, there is no irreparable harm of life safety issues involved.  Many times these violations are ultimately civil issues between the parties.

  • Keeping of fowl for sale or swine in the urban area
  • Unlawful land divisions
  • Signs