Is It A Code Violation?

The Current Planning Code Compliance Division relies heavily on the public to observe, recognize and report to the proper authority any Code Violations that are occurring in their neighborhood.  This reliance places a lot of responsibility with the public to recognize when a use within a property is, or is not a Code Violation handled by the Current Planning Division.  To aid with the identification of code violations Current Planning  has collected a sample of commonly reported activities, grouped them within categories, provided information on whether or not the activity is a code violation, and what steps can be taken to correct the violation.

If the Violation you wish to report is not handled by Current Planning, or you are unable to find the Violation you are observing within one of the categories, then we recommend searching the Violation Topics Page which provides a list of all the departments with the County who are charged with the enforcement of code standards, and what the code standards are that they enforce. 

Violations Handled by Current Planning


Commercial/Business Violations 

     Ex. Non-permitted home businesses

Building Placement Violations

  • Setback Violations, Non-permitted structures
  • Construction within a Flood Plain

Vehicle Violations

  • Ex. Greater than four (4) vehicles located on private property
  • Inoperable vehicles (junk cars) located on private property

Use Violations

  • Non-permitted kennels
  • Storage of commercial vehicles on residential properties
  • Agricultural buildings (storage of livestock) in the urban area
  • Illegal or non-permitted signs

Government Violations 

     Development Application's Conditions of Approval

Code Violations NOT Handled by Current Planning


To find out more about who handles these violations please visit our Violations Topic Page

Natural/Nature Violations

  • Ex. Tall Grass, Weeds, Vermin, ect.
  • Nature/Natural Violations are handled by the Environmental Health Department
  • Stray, abandoned animals

Road Violations

  • Ex. Semis parked within public right-of-way.
  • Road Violations are handled by the Operations Division

Right-of-Way Violations 

     Ex. Inoperable Vehicles within a public 
        Right-of-Way (Public Road)

Noise Violations

  • Ex. Construction Noise, Noise generated by business activities, late hour noise complaints
  • Noise violations generated by businesses are handled by the Environmental Health Department, all others are handled by the Sheriff's Department

Can't find what you're looking for?  

Then please contact us with your questions and we'll try to help out as best as we can.