Complaint Process

Due to the limited amount of staff, and the large area within Washington County's jurisdiction, Current Planning staff rely on public complaints to pursue Code Violations.  Prior to filing a complaint, staff recommends reviewing the Code Compliance Process. This document outlines the steps to compile the complaint, gather evidence and submit information to help the County take action to correct the violation.


File a Complaint

How to complete the form: Open the complaint form, complete your report and save the file to your computer. You can then print the complaint form and  submit it via fax or regular postal service.
A complaint form can be filed anonymously if there is a fear of retaliation from the violator. To do so type 'anonymous' with the area where your name is requested.
Code Violation Complaint Form (fillable)format-pdf


How to submit the complaint form:
  • Fax: Send completed form to (503) 846-2908.
  • Mail: Send completed form to the following address:
  •    Washington County Land Use & Transportation
       155 N. First Ave., Suite #350-13
       Hillsboro, OR  97124
  • Call: You can call our office for instructions about how to complete your report at (503) 846-4875.