Code Compliance

When a development does not conform to the County Building Code, the Community Development Code, required conditions of approval, or a land use is established that is not allowed within the land use district in which it is located, the Planning & Development Services Code Compliance division works with property owners to bring those developments or land uses into conformance. The first step in this process is to work with the property owner to achieve "Voluntary Compliance."  If voluntary compliance efforts fail, the County may proceed with further measures that could include a hearing before the Hearings Officer, fines and/or liens on a property. The primary goal of Code Compliance is to protect the health, safety, and well being of all property owners by ensuring that all development occurs within the limits set within the Community Development Code and Building Code.

Please Note: The codes apply to unincorporated Washington County, and do not apply within city boundaries.


Code Compliance Enforcement

In the Current Planning section Code Compliance addresses reported violations to the Community Development Code within Washington County. It regulates the development and use of property, and enforces the conditions placed on development. It also regulates home businesses, including 'kennels' with 5 or more dogs, vehicle storage and RV use, development without a permit, and development activities within a flood plain. 

The Building Services section enforces the Washington County Building Code for structural, plumbing, and electrical issues, as well as enforces the issuance of building permits. This section is responsible for addressing code conformance for abandoned/nuisance buildings when they are found to be a life and safety issue.


Code Compliance Priorities

Code Compliance Staff will generally respond to potential code violations based on the priority.  The priority may be adjusted based on available resources or aggravating circumstances. Code Compliance Priorities page details a list of these priorities.


Complaint Process/File a Complaint

Provides information regarding the process involved with submitting a complaint as well as the process involved with processing a complaint.