Projects Under Review

Land Use casefiles currently under review by Current Planning are listed in the table below. Information in the table can be sorted by column, clustering like items together - applicant name and type, CPO, or urban/rural. Click on the casefile number in the left column for more specific data, including file status, mailed public notices, parcel map location, etc.

Casefiles are reviewed and a decision is issued. Depending upon which type of procedure (Type I, Type II, or Type III) the date of decision will vary. Type II and Type III casefiles have mandatory decision timeframes, but vary whether the parcel is designated urban or rural. Type I applications do not have a mandated timeframe, so timeframes will vary. Examples of Type I applications include issuance of building permits, property line adjustments, final approval of a preliminary land use approval, etc. 

Development Application Procedure Types

Type I – No mandated timeframe
Type II and Type III – Urban – 120 Days
Type II and Type III – Rural – 150 Days  

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